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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  September 7, 2009 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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jonathan hoenig? >> i'm sure everybody at home is excited to hear this silliness. thank you very much. andrea, always a pleasure. bill schulz, you disgust me. opie and anthony later. that does it for me. i'm greg gutfeld. see you next time. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. >> jaycee and her daughters are with her mom and younger sister in a secluded place. she especially enjoying getting to know her little sister who was just a baby when jaycee was taken. not only have we laughed and cried together but we've spent time sitting quietly, taking pleasure in each other's company. the smile on my sister's face is as wide as the sea. her oldest daughter is finally home. >> good evening i'm kimberly guilfoyle in for geraldo. jaycee dugard is back home 18 after being kidnapped by
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philip garrido and his wife. the question is how can jaycee and her two young daughters adapt to a normal life? we are going to talk to forensicgist, dr. keith ab blow in a moment. first a stunning new testimony given to bliss by nancy garrido which describes the chilling presession that went that this young girl's abduction. according to law enforcement after waiting until jaycee was alone, nancy is the one who snatched this little girl off a south lake tahoe street and she put her in the car. >> when they saw jaycee, philip toe said, her, i want her, i want the good looking one. let's not get her now she with other kids. >> as police uncover details of jaycee dugard's years in captivity several similar cases have surfaced including november 1988 -- disappearance of a girl abducted from a
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convenience store. according to her mother the car taken from garrido's home looked like the car involved in her daughter's disappearance. sharon joins us from oakland, california. tell me about the night that your daughter was taken? >> saturday morning the first day of thanksgiving vacation. she went to the neighborhood market with a friend to get candy and sodas. they rode scooters up there and left them by the door of the market when they went in when they came out, one of the scooters was missing not where they had left it. mikayla spotted it in the parking lot and went to get it. when she bent over to pick it up, a man jumped out of the car next to it, grabbed her from behind, threw her in his car and took off with her. >> you spoke to police investigators involved in jaycee's case and told them you are concerned you think monster could be responsible for your daughter's abduction as well?
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>> actually, we have our own police detective, she was kidnapped 20 years ago, the case has remained active. we've had an active ongoing investigation. so, when i first heard the news of jaycee, jaycee's case and michaela's case have intersected over the years because of the similarities in the way they were kidnapped, the way they look are, the cars they were kidnapped in. when i heard about jaycee being found my first thought was, please god let michaela be with her. i found out about at 5:00 in the morning my husband told me. at 6:30 in the morning i called our detective on his cell phone and our police department is hard at work investigating. >> do you feel confident they are looking into the similarities to determine if he is the one responsible? >> i feel absolutely confident that they are doing everything they can do in order to find
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my daughter. and they believe in is a really good lead. >> sharon, there's some eyewitness information that a number of little girls, more than two little girls were seen at philip garrido's home and this corresponds with the timeframe of when michaela was missing and the age comparisons what the witness said in terms of the ages of the girls seen would correspond is that part of the evidence that you feel is compelling to provide this lead? >> it is. the neighbor said there was a core group of five girls who were living in the backyard. she said they all looked alike. and striking resemblances between michaela and jaycee she describes the ages as a couple of younger children one maybe four, 11, 15 and one may be 25. this is a few years ago ago so jaycee's children would have been younger at that point.
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i have heard that jaycee's mother said jaycee herself looks very young, doesn't look much older than she did when she was kidnapped at 11. my thought is the one who appeared to be 25 might have been michaela. >> when you look at the photographs they do bear a striking resemblance. in terms of their first cal appearance, hair coloring. which does make it seem that this could be a connection between the two of them. i want to bring in dr. keith ablow. what do you think, does it make sense you feel it is likely he could have abducted also michaela? >> well certainly possible kimberly. pedophiles perhaps more than others have a specific kind of person that they are looking for. specific girl or boy who triggers these abnormal erotic impulses. for somebody like philip
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garrido, driven by obviously, no respect for the law, but also a kind of brazenness to snatch a young girl in daylight that alone is an unusual modus operandi that might speak to his increasing willingness to try more and more outrageous things. i think it does fit that doesn't mean it happened that way but it fits from a forensic standpoint. >> meaning it is worth the time and effort of the police department to see if they can connect these two cases. there's much more similarities than differences between these two abductions, don't you think keith? >> i think so absolutely. the striking similarity and physical appearance. those folks if you think about somebody like garrido, we as human beings, you know we make accommodations for personally, intelligence, might be a physical type we gravitate toward and john money one of
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the professors who talked about love maps. how we gravitate toward the same kind of quirks or physical characters. all the more for somebody looking for somebody who doesn't need to be emotional match, doesn't want an intellectual watch for toe it is about body and looks. yes, the fact these girls are lookalikes it speaks to the needs for the police to look deeply into this. >> what comes to mind, i'll bring in our legal panel, in all the research i've done on this case. is the songs this man wrote about little girls it is sickening but also is very telling in terms of his psyche, what is going on in his mind and the time that he goes for that's why i think it is important for investigators to look at joining keith and i sharon to join the discussion on the legal ramification, julia morrow in with me and judge larry seidlin. julia, i find this interesting,
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i'm hopeful they might be able to tie in some kind ever nexus between these two cases. i think there is much more to this man than we are finding out right now that the story has not been revealed. >> i agree. but i have to tell you, i hate to be the grim -- grim reaper. i don't think there's a connection because where is he? he likes to keep his girls that he likes to rape, sodomize or do whatever he does. the one in las vegas in the warehouse he kept her, 14-years-old he kept her in a motel for a couple of days. jaycee kept for 18 years. he hoardes his rape victims. there is no evidence this guy killed people not that i want put it past him as sick and twisted he is. >> depending someone was compliant. judge seidlin, your thoughts? >> this man garrido is a
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monster if you opened up a dictionary and looked up monster, you would see his picture. there's a tremendous recidivism rate with these pedophiles and we have to look much closer. the parole division in the state dropped the ball. they should get all the parole officers in charge of this guy, get the names and review how bad they did it was gross negligence on their part! >> he's absolutely right. there's so much more to this story that i think we haven't begun to find out the terror this man has put people through. coming up, was a rolling stone murder the controversy over the death of guitarist brian jones lives on as new evidence suggests foul play. with ziploc?
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>> i've been doing the same thing. the things that have gone on inside my head have been pretty gentle really. so i've not been conjuring any tremendous walls or anything i couldn't get over, you know. i mean, it has just been very sort of gone on the same way. >> that was an exclusive look at the rolling stones in 19 5.
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guess from where? straight from geraldo's vault, of course. the late guitarist brian jones back in the news as the 40 year controversy surrounding his death yet to be solved. conspiracy theorists say he was murdered in 1969. question is who was responsible? entertainment reporter for the associated press. any truth to this conspiracy? i find this case fascinating? >> we don't know it has been a whodunit for 40 years. the police ruled he died of accidental drowning he was known to have used drugs and alcohol and they said that came into play. his friends and colleagues that night said no, this guy working on his home murdered him. they did the autopsy, he didn't have such a huge amount of alcohol or drugs in his system to say he kill him save that fueled rumors. then there's allegations that he he admitted he did the
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murder. two books say thorough good killed brian. who do you believe? >> the problem is one there is nobody to prosecute everybody is dead. doesn't moon you shouldn't solve a cold case. >> you're right. everybody is dead, brian obviously dead, the man accused dead. most of the eyewitnesses are dead. it is going to be very hard to prove with all of the key players, key witnesses being six feet under. >> he was young, there was a lot of tensions and acrimony any behind the scenes. so there was motive, right julia? >> exactly it was like a movie. everyone had a motive, everyone couldn't stand him he had a split personality he was fighting with a lot of people. he was fighting with the contractor the night he died. he was alone with frank in that pool for a certain amount of time by all accounts. i think there's a good chance that frank killed him. like you said, frank's dead.
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who are you gonna prosecute? >> that's the problem, but again cold cases they have to be solved. this man has a different version of events that took place the night brian jones died. the author of the murder of brian jones. he joins us from bangkok thank you for being with us jeffrey. you claim real story behind brian's death. so tell us what happened! >> well, look when i was a kid i was -- went over to spend a summer in conventry, england i was 12 or 13, quite young, but a little advanced for my age. i met some older guys there hippie-types amongst them a fellow called thomas patrick gerard and frank the -- they mentioned they met the rolling stones but i was a beatle man and so i wasn't too impressed
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and even worked for brian jones, again interesting but not impressed. flip forward many years i became a well-known rock biographer had written many books. i was in london promoting my book, staying at the kensington park hotel. tom gerard came to see me. he said i want to talk about brian what about brian? it is confidential can we go in the room. we went in the room. i put on the tape and he began to tell met strangest story that he had been involved in the death of brian jones. frank thoroughgood was there, frank was there, tom gerard was there. choreographing the sequence of events that night was tom, the roadie for the rolling stones, chauffeur, who was appointed as brian jones' minder. now, people say well why would any of these people want to kill brian jones? it was a dumb movie based on
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this book that i wrote that said because he owed him some money. fuggedaboudit it was from my mind and what i know, i spent many years studying this case that brian started the rolling stones. he put an ad in the paper saying i want to audition musicians for my band. he owned the name. on june 9th, of 1969, after a lot of problems in the stones, charlie, keith and mick came down and fired him from his band, which is ridiculous! and on july 2nd, he was dead. i believe that tom, in an attempt to ingratiate himself to his masters, not at the behest of the rolling stones but to go up in the ladder, he was an uneducated guy, a brute, a thug, he cooked up this plan to murder brian jones. how did they do it? tom told me how. he said when he was in the
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marines they learned a technique where you pull someone backwards, underwater and it fills their lungs up quickly. that's why when dr. chikage windler and i worked on this -- dr. cyril wecht and i worked on this case together, there were no drugs, the truck -- the drugs had been metabolized. >> sounds wild, like the rolling stones. jeffrey thank you for joining us. up next, our political experts. @
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let school be school and let's keep with it the educators teaching so we don't need to make it a political statement. >> i respect the office, i totally respect his decisions. i just don't think it is
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nótb"ie to take time out of the school day. >> what do they study in history, presidents right? have they spoken to any of those presidents? has those presidents spoken to them? this is a first. i think it is an educational thing. he's the president of the . >> that was the sound of america's parents reacting to president obama's planned tuesday dress to students across the nation. some parents concerned the president is bringing politics into the classroom this is a point many conservatives have picked up on. some are accusing the obama administration of trying to indoctrinate american classrooms. is it true? with me conservative columnist and fox news political analyst. good evening ladies. you are opposite sides of this? >> are we? no! >> shocking. >> what is your take? >> i don't have any problem with obama going into the classroom. i think any time this president or any president is back in the classroom, you know sort of instilling pride
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and civic responsibility that's a good thing that said, what were they thinking, having these kids originally write an essay about our special president and how we can help him? that's the kind of thing i would expect of pong young -- pyongyang elementary school like our dear lead hear can we do for him it was shocking very on tuesday there's this chasm between what the obama administration thinks is appropriate and the rest of the country does, shocking. >> you don't look that shocked. >> united states of america that i grew up in wrote letters to the president all the time when i was in grade school. i remember writing letters dear president reagan. i don't really understand. my family was not republican, but i still wrote a letter to the president. there wasn't this kind of hatred and i don't think there's anything wrong with what they did. he's the president. he's the president of our country.
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>> bush or obama, it makes no difference. >> the critics are saying is this inspirational or students or nothing more than political persuasion? >> idea of indoctrination. i don't understand is he going to have subliminal messages trying to him advertise the children into being democrats? >> it is really far-fetched. i think it is just a sad state of where our country is that we can't just say this is our president and school kids should respect the president and did an essay or write a letter or whatever. >> respecting the president is different than asking students to offer up ideas on how they can help him with his political agenda. >> on a policy issue. >> i think elementary kids are a little young [ talking over each other ] >> too young to be writing a letter at all. >> obama is taking heat right
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now. poll numbers are slipping. a cynical or perhaps even accurate assessment of saying look this guy needs to get political capital and goodwill what better way than to i am color and put himself in front of students across america. of course people are going to frown upon it. let's talk about another guy who is pretty interesting. >> i think i know how are talking about. >> ever think he was come back this quickly? >> nothing surprises me any more. i don't think there's any scandal that americans can't stomach any more. plaxico burress -- i'm sorry not plaxico burress he's in jail, michael vick has a multi-million dollar contract now that said i don't know what the technical term for elliot spitzer s i think it might be dirty old man. >> crime number nine. >> what do you think should we give him another chance? >> he can do whatever he wants
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it is a free country. i don't know why anybody would vote for him. setting aside, you know, the salaciousness of this. he was engaging in activity that he was fighting in his official capacity. he was breaking the law. who is gonna vote for that? i don't understand. the level of arrogance is appalling. i don't know. he's obviously not right in the head is my opinion. >> the arrogance thinking he could get away with this for so long and entitled. >> he feel like the world needs him we all need to hear what elliot spitzer says about the financial crisis. >> now there's a tv show based on their lives. the wife supports her husband who cheats. >> he's teaching at city college, poly-sci molding young minds. >> ladies, thank you, never a dull moment.
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>> be careful where you sneeze because the government could force stay home if you've got h1n1. our top notch political experts are going to talk about this. the massachusetts medical proposal, next. plus dr. mark siegel up to plus dr. mark siegel up to tell us now stay clear of this9. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪ ♪ that can strain your relationships and hurt your pride ♪ ♪ it's the credit roller coaster ♪ ♪ and as you can see it kinda bites! ♪ ♪ so sing the lyrics with me: ♪ when your debt goes up your score goes down ♪ ♪ when you pay a little off it goes the other way 'round ♪ ♪ it's just the same for everybody, every boy and girl ♪ ♪ the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl ♪ ♪ so throw your hands in the air, and wave 'em around ♪ ♪ like a wanna-be frat boy trying to get down ♪ ♪ then bring 'em right back to where your laptop's at... ♪ ♪ log on to free credit report dot com - stat! ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage. new aches and pains, ...and new questions about which pain reliever is right for your body. tylenol 8 hour works with your body, with one layer that dissolves quickly...
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irritability, excessive urination, weight loss. if you have any of these signs, please call your doctor. early detection can save your life. give to save lives and reach for the cure. call now or log on to from america's news headquarters, i'm lauren sivan. the white house now saying controversial advisor van jones resigned because he "thought he was going to get in the way of president obama's agenda." his resignation was disclosed by the white house in a dead of night e-mail over the holiday weekend. cal fire crews are working to keep a massive wide fire from crossing a mountain
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wildfire. firefighters believe it was deliberately set, it killed two firefighters and blackened nearly 226 square miles and destroyed 76 homes. it is now more than 50% contained. i'm lauren sivan in new york. we now head back to "geraldo at large." you are watching the most powerful name in news, the fox news channel. geraldo. >> soldiers will take a testing facility and you will know the results within a few hours. early stages resemble the flu. coughing and high fever. anyone showing these signs should report immediately. >> that was a clip from the movie "outbreak" showing a fictional worst-case scenario. could we be seeing those mandates in real life? i want to nope. with millions of students heading back-to-school and the h1n1 flu spreading across the country, the center for
1:32 am
disease control and the president have issued warnings. >> the -- the h1n1 is here and spreading in parts of the u.s. particularly in the southeast in fact it never went away. we had h1n1 influenza throughout the summer in cams and now with colleges and schools coming back into session, we are seeing more cases. >> i don't want anybody to be alarmed. but i do want everybody to be prepared. we know that we usually get a second larger wave of these flu viruses in the fall. so response plans have been put in place across all levels of government. we are also making steady progress on developing a safe and effective h1n1 flu vaccine. we expect a flu shot program will begin soon. this program will be completely voluntary. but it will be strongly recommended. >> just today washington state university announced that 2,000 students have reported
1:33 am
symptoms of h1n1. if state officials have their way any student found to have the virus could be kept in quarantine and they are not the only ones. massachusetts offs are looking to pass a bill giving their government the ability to quarantine anyone showing symptoms and forcefully enter the homes of citizens suspected of having the virus. here to discuss the matter is fox medical contributor dr. mark siegel, fox legal analyst and conservative column list. you didn't even have to go to law school what is better than that, political analyst, okay. hello! >> hi! >> do i need to get the michael jackson mask and the hand sanitizer? >> no, first of all. the mask is only for people that have the flu or close contacts. we do not need to be wearing
1:34 am
these in the street, they don't work. using soap or hand sanitizers we should be doing any way. the tamiflu is if you get sick or if you are in close contact with someone who has it. keep in mind this is spreading, a pandemic, affecting millions around the world but it has only killed about 2500 in the world. mild virus still. the idea that we are going to forcibly quarantine people is ab sure. it -- absurd. it will spread fear, this is not the bubonic plague. >> in terms of your level of apprehension, fear, concern about it, where are you? >> i'm cautious. the thing could get worse, change. kids with asthma, chronic conditions this pandemic is effecting younger people especially more severe problems, pregnant women i want to protect them. as soon as the vaccine comes out i want school children to get it and people around
1:35 am
school children especially if you have a kid with asthma or chronic condition. >> some kind of condition that could make them more vulnerable to having fatal consequences. >> exactly we are seeing some of that but it is still rare. if we have panic that is going to flood the hospitals. i'm concerned about the hospitals flooded with people that are worried and getting in the way of people that have broken bones or need operations. we got to control the response. >> it is tough because you don't want to be on the wrong side and not have gone to the doctor and god forbid it is too late and you made a calculation in judgment. >> great point so you have to be in touch with your doctor. in maine over the summer we were seeing parents sending kids to camp that had symptoms of swine flu. if your kid is sick, if your kid has a fever, fatiguing, sore throat, headache keep them home, don't subject other kids to i. >> i want to talk about massachusetts that is scary straight out of the movie.
1:36 am
quarantine, break down the door, come in. what is going on? >> this is crazy, force able vaccination you are right sort of great new world sufficient. the -- stuff. the political implications are troubling. the c d.c. has ratcheted down the numbers from what the obama administration has put out. i don't know who they are listening to in the white house it seems to be a little fear mongering. i don't know if that is because they want to imply that government run health care is really what we need right now or if it is just another way of creeping back into our private lives, i don't know. i think people have a right to be disturbed about >> i don't think it is fear mongering. from my understanding or a medical standpoint a serious concern and it is better to be overly cautious than underly cautious in terps what the obama administration is doing. in terms of going into people's houses and forcibly vaccinating them, i would have
1:37 am
a problem with that but i do think the government should take this seriously. >> i agree they should take it seriously. we have to get people at risk to get the vaccine. there's a discrepancy. the advisory panel advising the president, science and technology panel is coming out and saying 1.8 million may end up hospitalized. the cdc does not agree. i don't agree with that, many experts don't agree with. anything can happen this can get worse. >> you think those numbers are inflated? >> those numbers are inflated and those advisers are not real flu experts. that's outrageous. the past pandemics haven't about natasha bad this is a milder virus structurally. this isn't bubonic plague we don't need people quarantined forcibly by the government. >> what do we need to tkwopl >> first, watch our hand --
1:38 am
hands or use purell. there's something called the dracula cough. >> i thought that was bad manners. oh gross! >> it is really good for this in schools, kids don't wash their lands. you have to wash your hands for 30 seconds for it to be effective and they don't purr in schools we have to use lie sell and other disinfectants. again if a kid is stick they have to stay home for two or three days after they are feeling better if you try to get them right back-to-school they are going to spread flu stkwraopl that the period where you could >> that's the period where you can pass this on to someone else you say after you are feeling better you should stay? >> when you are feeling totally better you should stay home for another two days and then go back to school. >> when we have the vaccine school kids should get that
1:39 am
everyone in the country should get a regular flu vaccine right now. >> that's the seasonal flu. >> everyone should get that is available now. they are giving it early, which is wise. the swine flu vaccine end of october, november. kids, pregnant women, health care workers get that then young adults and especially people with chronic conditions. kids may need three to four shot this is year, because of the fact they've never soon a flu shot before. let's at least get them the first shot. get them the regular flu and the first swine flu shot. >> they are trying to rush this through should people be concerned because there aren't enough tests that this would be safe? >> great question. the answer is there are 24 clinical trials going on now. so far it looks safe. they are using an ancient technology from the 50s, which i'm not thrilled with. then again it has been used since the 50s safely so the chances are high we are dealing with a safe vaccine.
1:40 am
>> sounds good to me you heard from it good doctor. follow his good advice, 30 seconds, warm water and lots of purell. >> coming up the latest on a convicted child rapist said to be released from prison the end of the month. >> craig gets a tour through bernie madoff's summer home.
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1:42 am
a revoting story out of oklahoma may finally be getting justice. wednesday 64-year-old convicted child rapist david earl was indicted again this time on three molestations charges. in may earl pleaded no contest to first degree rape and force able sodomy of a 5-year-old little girl the judge only sentenced him to one year. you remember this story, geraldo was all over it. he went on to investigate now they doing something about it.
1:43 am
joining me by skype to bring us up to speed on these new charges against earl is sonia a reporter for the oklahoman. thank you for being with me this story was important to fox viewers we covered it closely. geraldo went there to investigate this injustice and the sentence this man received that was just shocking and revolting in terms of the crime. what is the latest in terps of the indictment, how much time he could be -- in in terms of the dim, how much time he could be facing on the new charges? >> as you know he was set to be released september 2 -- september 24th, a couple of weeks from now. the attorney general was able to ask a grand jury to convene to consider new accusations against david earl. they met monday and heard testimony on monday and then by wednesday, they came out
1:44 am
with three count indictment of lewd and indecent acts. >> i want to bring in judge seidlin. you were here with me with geraldo. what goes through a judge's mind when they allow, agree, approve such an inappropriate sentence for like a horrific crime? >> the judge and the prosecutor dropped the ball. it was very poor to accept such a short sentence of the a year geraldo put the fire on the rear ends of the oklahoma officials the attorney general of oklahoma wants to be the governor. he knows no way if he doesn't review this earls case. he couldn't go back on these old charges it is double jeopardy. so he says to his assistants look to see what else earl has done.
1:45 am
they found earl performing lewd acts on two other little children. they bring a grand jury. they bring the evidence in front of the grand jury. the grand jury indicts earl on three new charges. earl's gonna be wearing striped pajamas for a long time. he's supposed to get out in a few weeks he's not going anywhere. the bond will be very high and he's going to be in the can for a long time. >> and he should be that that's the thing julia. i have no sympathy for this guy. too bad the judge's butt got burned or charred or whatever and the prosecutors they deserve it! here's my issue, kudoes to geraldo, he's awesome, great he went out there and started sniffing around. but, let's be practical. this little girl was not gonna make a good witness. i'm sure you have had 5-year-old rape victim witnesses nightmare. the guy's got terminal cancer he's going to die in five
1:46 am
years. to send him to jail for a year on a case they could have potential lost. it is a compromise for everyone. not the judge, the prosecutor was on in -- was in on it, so was the defense. does it make us angry? yes but practically speaking it wasn't that horrendous of a situation. that being said i want to say -- >> you are going to get e-mails. >> look, i'm being practical this is what happened. it went just the judge they all had a hand it in. >> the judge has the final say. the judge has to say i have discretion to say this is an injustice this man is a predator and will reoffend. >> guess what did that d.a. get your witnesses let's go and then it's a not guilty then what happens? >> hold on judge. we'll look at geraldo's investigation of david earls
1:47 am
and the people who kept him out of prison. >> why did you invite him into your home? >> because i was an idiot, plain and simple. he was a from of mine i had known him through his brother and i didn't think -- i saw him as a grandfather-type figure. >> geraldo: he was no grandfather-type a two time felon ex-con who pretended to befriend the mom to get close to the children he would later rape. because the case is so egregious i went to oklahoma to speak to the man who allowed this to happen. first the district attorney, he knew he i was coming so he was nowhere to be found. >> haven't heard from him. >> is this unusual? >> nope. >> geraldo: just disappears?
1:48 am
can we call the other county office and see if he's there? >> you can if you want. i mean he's not at our other office he has meetings. >> geraldo: like what? he can contact his own office? done you think it is highly unusual? >> no. >> geraldo: you don't think it is unusual that no one knows where he is. i don't want to put you on the spot but it seems far-fetched. district judge is likewise unavailable to comment. i'm sure both the district attorney and the judge are ducking me. because they cannot possibly justify their acts in allowing that small vulnerable child to be exposed in open court, to that monster. the monster who raped her. >> all right judge seidlin, final thoughts? >> the judge should have
1:49 am
repudiated the deal. the deal is a lazy deal. earls should have gone away for a long time. try the case, let the jury decide! the judge was against the victim going outside the coral and doing it through a video conference. shoot the dice! because the guy got no sense any way. hammer this guy. the california attorney general now is gonna hammer earls, he's going to be in jail for a long time. >> wake up judges you are going to be held accountable. it was an improper plea. >> coming up craig's got a look inside madoff's summer mansion and what the sale means for his victims.
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welcome home, man.
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what we have here is a four-bedroom, three bath house. the livingroom, kitchen and master bedroom, all own a view of the ocean. >> this week a prime piece of oceanfront property was put on the market in the hamptons. one of the country's most exclusive neighborhoods. normally realtors would befalling all over each other to get alying in the enclave located along new york's long island sound. it was owned by madoff now it is to feds to sell it. craig has a look signed the summer mansion. >> reporter: in an effort to recoup some of the losses in bernard madoff's 65 billion dollar ponzi scheme marshals are selling his properties including this in montauk, new york. joan is realtor with the real estate group. what is this place worth?
1:54 am
>> we have this property listed at 8.75 million. it is 1 1/2 acres, spanning 182 feet on the ocean. extraordinary location, extraordinary privacy and a beautiful beach retreat -- retreat with a pool and its own path down to the ocean, very rare property indeed in montauk. >> reporter: beginning of july, u.s. marshals seize the house east of the hamptons after madd -- madoff was ed to 150 years in federal prison for running wall street's biggest investment fraud. which robbed thousands of their life savings forcing retirees back to work. deputy marshals from the southern district of new york and members of the asset forfeit fewer division came here to seize this residence. >> reporter: the home and all
1:55 am
its contents will go to the highest bidder. >> i feel very confident that this property will sell for at least 8.75 million. >> reporter: touring the 3,000 square foot four bedroom, three bath home with its loft ceiling and built-in fireplace, 30 years of madoff's possessions, picture, furniture, sculptures, decoy ducks painstakingly itemized and tagged for auction once the home has been sold. how do you feel this is going back to people who were flim-flammed? >> i feel a strong dedication to give these people the money back that they deserve. >> reporter: u.s. marshals will enlist brokers to sell madoff's seven million dollar manhattan apartment now that wife ruth has been given the boot. his palm beach property also going on the block for about 11 million. >> besides madoff tell me about some of the others in this area? >> ralph lauren lives along
1:56 am
this beach. paul simon lives on the ocean. robert de niro has had a home in montauk for many years. a very eclectic community. >> reporter: whoever buys this place will be in good company? >> very good company. >> reporter: trading his million dollar digs for a tiny cell in north carolina. a far cry from his life of luxury. >> listen montauk, is it, beautiful, people love it. do they have any offers, give me the inside scoop? >> reporter: they've had two offers they are expecting two more. they are going to donate their commissions to the victims of this fraud. >> i like that i think that's excellent. they are asking what 8.75? and she said she thinks it is going to over asked. i find that remarkable in this market. i hope it does because the victims will get the money. >> reporter: we've done the
1:57 am
stories about the real estate in the hamptons and things are starting to turn around a little and they've had these offers. that money is still a drop in the bucket. some of these people lost hundreds of millions of dollars with these investments. >> an argument to be made, maybe you hold it and sell when the market is a little more improved. but it is getting a little better. >> absolutely, but the victims of madoff they want their money now. and they are doing this forfeiture of the property piecemeal. next on the chopping block is the manhattan apartment and the house in palm beach and distribute to all the victims standing there with their hand out. i think at this point they want their money as posed to waiting to see where the market guess. >> judge, you got five seconds. >> this guy lived like a king and they are have taken all his clothes off and they should. >> i don't know. strip somebody. >> take madoff's clothes off.
1:58 am
>> i miss you kimberly. >> i'll keep mine on that's it for us. geraldo is going to be back next week. thank you for watching and thank you for my guests. have a good night! welcome to the now network. right now five coworkers
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